Can I provide additional information in the filename for better matching?

In my library I have a movie named Emma (1996).mp4

The TMDB there are two exact matches for this title and year:

Infuse automatically matches with the UK production, but the movie I have is actually the US production. Can I include additional information in the filename so that Infuse will match the correct production automatically? Perhaps the TMDB ID number which appears in the slug?

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This feature was, not too long ago, set to be imminently added to the next iterative version of Infuse (that was then advertised to have already been released by now), but I now see it has silently been removed from the most current list of Firecore’s priorities for Infuse development, as far too many other long-desired features have similarly been teased before being ghosted.

In the absence of support for the above feature, users are left either changing the incorrectly recognized movies’ metadata match manually (via the edit metadata function), or searching for some sort of disambiguating alternative title at TMDB which one can rename their file to, to match.

Since no practical alternative title exist for the US version of Emma, there isn’t one much can do … except perhaps to create one of their own.

Try renaming your copy of Emma to Emma (US) 1996.mp4. You might find it scans correctly now.

How long it continues to do so depends on how long the newly added alternative title for this movie is allowed to remain on their database. :man_shrugging:t2:

One thing you may want to keep in mind is with this rare case of identical name and year for multiple movies, you can do an Edit Metadata for the incorrect matches and choose the correct movie. That correction should sync to all devices and stick after you do it.

Sometimes that’s easier than fighting the demons of renaming files with identical movie names. :wink:

If you pick another year that had a international release for one of them, it will pick it up. For instance 1997:


I did mention that option in my post. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can do an Edit Metadata for the incorrect matches and choose the correct movie. That correction should sync to all devices and stick after you do it.

Yes, but it doesn’t stick if, as just occurred recently, I move my media library to a different server and a different network share. I’m looking for a solution which will prevent the need to ever Edit Metadata manually; I want a solution that sticks. The suggestion by @munpip214 was a very good one, and I will try it. But I would prefer a solution which allows me to include the TMDB ID in the filename. However, I checked the TMDB API, and their /search endpoint does not include an option to search by ID, so perhaps I need to be talking to them to get their API up to scratch first.

As I noted in my first reply to you, that is a feature not yet supported in Infuse.

So the /search endpoint may not support searching by ID, but the /movie endpoint returns details for a movie using its ID.

So the change I would like to see to Infuse is that if I include a TMDB ID in the filename (in a format that you specify to enable you to easily detect the presence of such an ID), Infuse will use the /movie endpoint to get details of the movie, otherwise Infuse will use the /search endpoint as I presume it does currently.

Yes. Again — you need to support the request at this thread here if you want this feature added to Infuse.


I have the same issue with


both of which were released in the same year.

So while indeed rare, it would be nice to find a definitive way of insuring correct scraping.

The answer is in @FLskydiver post above with the link to the suggestion for TMDB id support. (which I see you’ve found :wink: ) Since that suggestion is tagged as planned it’s best to follow that thread to see any status updates.

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