Can I modify the title of a movie myself?

I want to set a title for my recorded concert video, rather than renaming it, and I want to use nfo to set it.

You can use nfo to change the displayed title; but the filename still needs to be something that can be identified at TMDB.

Info on updating metadata is here.

okok,thank you。。。。so it is impossible to set title which can’t be found in TMDB…

Yes and no. You need to get that file recognized as something at TMDB — perhaps by doing an edit metadata on it in folder view; and manually typing in the name of something extant at TMDB that will grab you a match (something you wouldn’t have otherwise in your collection).

Once recognized, you can use custom .nfo and custom artwork to overwrite most of the metadata Infuse assigned your concert video from whatever you identified it as at TMDB.

thankyou very much .I would try

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