Can I mix TheMovieDB meta data and local meta data for single episodes in one season?

Hi guys,

so the problem is with “Attack on Titan” season 04. In TheMovieDB the last two episodes (finale) are sorted within “Special” area:
Attack on Titan: Extras (2013) — The Movie Database (TMDB) (

However there is a long ongoing discussion that the two episodes actually belong to season 04, but TheMovieDB will not change that.
My question is, can I configure Infuse to get meta data for the first episodes of season 4 from TheMovieDB and have my own local meta data for the last two episodes, so Infuse can show season 4 “correctly”?

Did you try calling your episodes S4E29 and S4E30? They might show up and then use your local metadata for them.

At the moment the files are still in the Special folder and I don’t have local metadata files. I wanted to know that before…

I don’t think you can do that currently but there is a thread in the suggestion forum relating to this.

You can name these like @munpip214 said, and Infuse would group them with the other season 4 items. If those episodes aren’t listed on TMDB then you would just get general series info (artwork and descriptions) instead of episode specific info.

Adding your own NFOs and artwork for those 2 episodes would give you episode specific info.

This will work for displaying in Infuse, but you won’t be able to sync watched history for those items to Trakt, since they rely on TMDB’s order.

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Yeah, close enough, thank you.

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