Can I JB my ATV2 running 5.0.2

In past I use to run Seas0nPass to JB ATV 2. Now If I do the same when it creates the restore patch will it get the right firmware when it says connecting to itune server or what? What is the safe way to JB my ATV2  running 5.0.2. 



Download the IPSW you’re looking for from here:

Once downloaded open Seas0nPass > Hold Shift + Click Create IPSW

Point it to the IPSW you downloaded and it will jailbreak the software.


So after downloading firmware from,  I can disable the internet of my PC , right? That way it won’t get any  new firmware ?

When you hold shift and click restore it will jailbreak the IPSW you point it to.


Thanks…Got it JB now. Thanks for your help.