Can I jailbreak this? ATV2 Version 4.4.4

Hi guys


Dad bought an ATV3 the other day - evidently no jailbreak on this, main purpose was to stream from my windows share. He should have asked me to find out whether it was compatible first but anyway, not the issue here.


I’m looking at buying an ATV2, the owner has checked and has indicated it has version ‘4.4.4 (3330)’ written on it.


According to 4.4.4 has jailbreak support untethered. “4.4.4 (iOS 5.0.1 - 9A406a) - untethered jailbreak via Seas0nPass

Why then do I see so many people saying that they can only boot tethered into their 4.4.4?? (


Or does none of that apply to me here.


Would I be able to just jailbreak and boot untethered into this version that I’m looking at? Confused with the conflicting information.



You should have no problem with an untethered jailbreak following the steps here:


Thanks matty - how easy is it to completely reset an ATV to default settings if I say, jailbroke a friend’s to test out the functionality, then returned it to them?

I would suggest not messing with your friends Apple TV. Unless you backup their blobs first then the only two options they have is either a 4.4.2 tethered jailbreak or the latest iOS which doesn’t currently have a jailbreak fully released for it.

If you get an Apple TV that has 4.4.4 on it currently you can simply pull the blobs from the device and then create the signed jailbroken IPSW.

Ok great thanks for the advice!