can i jailbreak on 4.3

just wondering if i can jailbreak my apple tv 2 on 4.3 (2557) are do i have to wait for a new jailbreak.

Yes you can, this is firmware 8F455…

I have Apple TV 4.3 (2557) and let me know what version of SeasonPass or GreenPoison or Snowbreeze do I need to Jailbreak my ATV Black.

Also if I buy new ATV Black Flash file from FireCore then it will work after Jailbreaking?


Also new to atv2 (have  atv flash running on atv1) - have also just bought atv2 - 4.3 (2557) and wanting to make sure i have the right season pass version.  also looked thru many many pages so even though its probably been asked and answered, i could not find it…i wanted to see what version my atv2 was so i hooked it up to the tv and power cord - ran the basic setup and stopped it from updating to 4.4 -


Do i need to restore to out of the box with no settings or can i jailbreak it as i have it now?  thanks