can i jailbreak atv 2 3.5 (6105)

i tryed to jailbreak atv2 444 and it restored to the new 3.5 (6105). can i jailbreak it?

ive read and tryed it 3 times maybe im not fast enough. can anyone help me please

I’m assuming you mean 5.3, in that case yes you can jailbreak 5.3. You cannot go back to 4.4.4 unless you backed up your firmware signatures.


Remember 5.3 is a tethered boot… you cannot remove power after tethering it. (don’t unplug from wall)

Capenter940 is correct. A tethered boot consists of you connecting your Apple TV to your PC and ‘booting’ it with the Seas0nPass ‘Boot Tethered’ utility.


ive tryed it 4 times and gave up. maybe im to slow adding the hdmi cable to atv not sure why its not working.

i dont see the firecore sign and i cant connect or install anything to it

Connect your Apple TV with only the Micro USB cable and launch Seas0nPass. Then click ‘Create IPSW’ and follow the installation through.