Can i jailbreak apple tv gen2 firmware 5.1.1 - no saved blob

Hi, I have read a lot of posts and done a lot of googleing and i’m guessing the answer is no. but is there any way (at this point in time) to jailbreak an apple tv gen2  firmware 5.1.1 - no saved blobs. 


I read that apple no longer is signing firmwares etc and i have no saved blobs… does this mean i have no jailbreak path available?


I read this article about a guy who has downgraded to older 4.1.1 firmware with a tethered jb. if this is my only option does this mean that evertime i take the power out of the back of the atv i need to boot with itunes? what about when the atv goes to sleep, does it also need to be booted with itunes.


i have done a lot of reading on this now, sorry if i’m coming across too newbie, i’v tried to find the answer myself.



If you’re still in 5.1.1 you certainly can jailbreak using iFaith/sn0wbreeze method. I did it that way with one of my ATVs. There’s a lenghty thread about this particular 5.1.1 firmware, because with current sn0wbreeze 2.9.13 is not possible beacuase of a bug, but a user in that thread got in touch with sn0wbreeze developer and he released a new 2.9.14 sn0wbreeze version(not publicly released yet) that fixed the issue. There’s still one minor aesthetic issue while installing XBMC though, but still very functional. Give it a try

can i used this  method if i have no saved blobs? the post is refering to having a saved blob