Can I downgrade with signatures from another atv?

Just got an ATV2 that was updated to the newest firmware. Im confused reading posts on the internet. Some say it can not be jailbroken some say it can. I am new to this jailbreaking stuff. I jailbroke an older atv2 about a month ago. It asked if I wanted to safe some information. Cant remember is it said signature or firmware. Dont know were it saved it but it said save was successful. Can I use this to jailbreak my new ATV? Or am I out of luck? Thanks.

You can use season pass 0.9.5 to jailbreak your ATV2

You cannot use the other signature on a different ATV. But as Rockcrusher wrote, you can use seasonpass to jailbreak the new one.

Just making sure i can still jailbreak.



Just dont wanna brick this one.

Yes you can jailbreak it without the fear of Bricking it. Season pass will downgrade it to 5.3 for the jailbreak and create a file called teathered on your computer usaly in your documents. Keep this file for future purposes.