Can I downgrade and re-jailbreak from version 6.0?

My ATV2 is currently jailbroken (version 5.2) but I’m curious about version 6.0. If I update, can I later downgrade to version 5.2 and re-jailbreak my ATV2? I have saved my shsh blobs.



as long as you have a saved shsh blob for you appl tv. If yes, proceed with the usual jb process using seas0npass - right click the “create ipsw” and look for the version. I hope this helps

Figured out how to jailbrake it.  Now how do i install xbmc?  Having a hard time finding a link that works.  I need to start from immediately after it is jailbroken.


For the xbmc and other product, you should have an ATV Flash from firecore


Or Nito Installer:

Niro worked. Thanks!

I’m in the same situation… 

I bought an Apple TV that originally had 5.1.1 showing, and after having trouble getting the Seas0nPass to work properly I decided to click the upgrade option on the AppleTv. 

I have since learned that 6.0 only works ‘tethered’ which i dont want.

I also did not keep any Blobs from the original 5.1.1 installation. 

Thus is there any way to downgrade from 6.0 back to 5.1.1 ??
Any suggestions welcome. 

Screengrabs for reference:  
Version 5.1.1: 
Version 6.0: 

Sorry to have to tell you this, but you are simply out of luck without the saved 5.1.1 signatures.  


hmmm… thought that the case :( 

Guess I just wait for the day version 6.0 is Jailbroken.


You can jailbreak with Version 5.3 right now.

We all hope that an untethered jailbreak is coming down the road which will bring you back to you back to your original status.

Sorry there isn’t better news for you at this time…

You can still jailbreak it while apple is still signing 5.3 - though its a tethered jb. Its better than nothing :slight_smile: