Can i copy synced content from apple tv to computer

For various reasons i want to make a copy of the all the music that’s already been synced from itunes ON the apple TV to a DIFFERENT computer (not the same itunes account).

Can i SSH into the directory and copy the files? I tried, but couldn’t find any of them. If it’s possible what directory would they be in?

Yes. There is a guide for doing this here:

Thanks for the link.

I found the files, but they’re all renamed to non descriptive titles.

IS there any way to translate the file names back to their original names?

Or is there at least some sort of rationale to where the mp3s are stored (i.e. are all songs from the same album in the same folder)?

Unfortunately no. However, if the files are imported into iTunes all the previous information (artist, title, album etc) will be automatically filled in.