Can I choose the cover on tmdb by myself?

Some movies in my library can get covers , but the covers seem to be different from the official release version.
Is there an option to choose the cover from tmdb or imdb ?

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Currently there isn’t way to choose posters from the sources to display but you can download the artwork you want and naming it the same as the movie and have it displayed for the movies that you want different art on by following the users guide here

Or as an alternative, you can use Plex, Emby or Jellyfin to maintain your movies and TV Series. Add it as a share to Infuse. Infuse will show whatever poster you have selected in Plex, Emby or Jellyfin metadata maintainer

I use this combination just for the purpose to easier maintain my metadata while I have all the advantages of a robust player, that plays almost everything you throw at it.