Can I associate the metadata with ID?

I have some TV shows, when I search the metadata in Infuse, the correct result wasn’t there, but if I search the same keywords on TMDB website, it’s in place.

Is there a way that I search the TV show by its ID in TMDB?

Usually it’s a file naming issue that keeps infuse from finding the correct TV show. If you standardize on the “Show Name S0xE0x year.mkv” format (the number 1 example in the link below) you’ll get almost perfect matches in Infuse.

If you would provide some of the file names that aren’t matching for you we can try to help.

Currently I believe that only works for Movies.

The file names are similar to other movies:


I also tried to search with typing the keywords “journey to the west” and the corresponding Chinese name “西游记”. Both keywords work for TMDB website, but neither work in Infuse.

What is the folder name your ts file is in?

Folder name is Journey.To.the.West.1986.S01.HDTV.1080i.H264.
I think the point is, even I click edit metadata and manually search it, Infuse doesn’t show the desired result.

Is there only one episode in this folder or do you have the entire season in this one folder? Just trying to understand what your file structure is. Maybe a screen cap?

I believe that ts files are a little different in how they’re handled. I think they are searched by their enclosing directory name which would be looking for the S0xE0x to know it’s a TV show to search in TMDB.

At the beginning, the structure was like this:


… until E25

Then, I wanted to manually create the metadata file according to a Reddit comment, so now it looks like:

├─西游记 (1986)

Both .ts files and .xml files are until E25.

In my opinion, even the name doesn’t match, if I search it manually, the result should be there and I could select it.

You don’t have the Season shown on this file name, only the episode number. Should be

Perfect! It’s working after I changed E01 to S01E01, I didn’t think about that.

BTW, very efficient support response!!! Thank you so much!

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Glad you got it working! :+1:

Also there is a suggestion thread requesting that Infuse search both TV and movie databases on TMDB regardless of file name and you can add your support there by clicking the like button on the first post. :wink: