Can I airplay an mkv file from an iPad to an Apple TV 4K?

I’ve tried to airplay an mkv file from my IPad’s usb drive to my Apple TV 4K with a few different apps and was unable to do it, either all I get is sound or they tell me ai need to transcode them first.

Wondering if infuse can just “work” with Airplaying MKV to an Apple TV 4K?

Unfortunately airplay does have restrictions so it won’t work with every format. You can mirror your screen but otherwise you might have to transcode the files. H265/HEVC, for instance, is not supported.

Well that’s a bummer. This is for a friend who’s not very tech savvy- I suppose mirroring will be the only way for her to go (or connecting iPad directly to tv). I thought sending her my old 1st gen ATV4k would make this easier, apparently not.