Can I add artwork to a Plex Playlist

Playlists created in Plex show up in Infuse, but there is no artwork. Can I add artwork to a Plex Playlist somehow?

Infuse should automatically generate artwork for these playlists and display this while browsing the library.

If you are browsing the share directly (via folders) then unfortunately there is no way to add artwork at this time.

HI James,

It does not appear to be doing that. I am selecting on the “Playlists” on the main Infuse window and all I see is a bunch of grey boxes with a white folder icon in the centre of them.

Is there something I need to do in Plex maybe?

It looks like you may be browsing the Plex share directly.

When using Infuse’s Library you should see something like this on Apple TV.

And like this on iOS.

Oh, I get it now. I deleted the Playlists favourite and now I access it via the Infuse Library.

Better, thanks.

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