Can Firecore see my library?

I am new to Infuse, always been using Kodi on generic HTPCs and have never made a switch to for instance Plex as I was a bit concerned with Privacy. Requiring a server which hypothetically gives access to my library etc.

Now I made the jump to an ATV4k for Netflix, but I was also exploring Kodi replacement options. Infuse 5 is on the top of my list, but I am having the same concerns regarding privacy as with Plex. Although Infuse does not have a server setup, I am still not sure if I want to go down this path. If you have the paid version the Cloud services can be used etc, all nice, but it also implies a risk.

Can anyone shed some light please?

My apologies if it is already been answered on this forum, but I could not find it.


Welcome to the forum.

In short, the answer is no. We don’t have access to your library, or really any reason why we’d need or want it.

The one exception to this would be if you choose to submit a diagnostic report through the Settings menu. In this case, we would be able to see limited (anonymous) information about the file(s) that were recently played - or attempted to play. However, this would only be viewed if you choose to submit a report AND open a support ticket referencing that report. We don’t review reports that are submitted without a corresponding support ticket.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for clarifying that. From what I’ve read online there is a growing concern over Plex and its cloud account requirement. Count me among the people who have installed Infuse for the simple reason it doesn’t require adding cloud access to a local server.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Regarding the cloud services I am not yet so sure. Trakt seems a good way to store watched statuses and a playback position, but again, using it is to me again a privacy concern.

Is Infuse not capable of storing that data without being linked to a cloud service? I would assume it can store this information on the ATV?

Many people use Trakt for multiple services. It allows them to keep updated across multiple platforms. If you don’t want to use trakt then you don’t have to. Infuse marks movies\shows as “watched” once watched (you an also do this manually. The Trakt option is just for those who want to take advantage of that feature.

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Thanks, will Infuse also store the playback position of a movie / tv show locally?

If you are referring to the resume feature, yes Infuse has that, I’m not sure how many different resumes you can have at once or where its stored however. I don’t use Trakt and have “resumed” many movies\shows.

Correct, Infuse will store watched/position info locally. Trakt is useful if you want to keep multiple devices in sync.

Some general info on syncing can be found here.

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