Can figure out a TV show art work

Hello I am trying to figure out how to name M.A.S.K. so infuse will pull the correct meta data and I am stumped. Nothing I tried has worked so far. Anyone here able to get M.A.S.K. to work? Thanks for any help.

This one is a pain.

Series folder name “M.A.S.K” (note NO period after the “K”)

Inside that have a season folder “Season 01” (change the number to match the correct season)

File name "M.A.S.K s01e01.mkv (note NO period after the “K” again and only a “Space” between the K and the S01E0X)

After you do that, you may still have to long press on one of the episodes and select “Edit Metadata” but it will find the 1985 series in the list. Select that and you should be good to go. You only have to correct the metadata on one episode and the others will follow suit.

Strange but this works and is the only combination I found that gives you the correct series in the edit options.

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Yeah there was NO way I would have figured that out. Thank you for the help and everything worked out perfectly! HUGE thank you !

After doing battle with some of the others like “Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and “M.A.S.H.” and a few dozen others it’s still a mystery to me what the trick is all the time. Just have to do the trial and error thing.

Glad to help. :wink: