Can disable local upscaling?

I have a bunch of videos which are 1080p resolution or 720p resolution, can I disable the local upscaling of those 2 resolutions and let the processors on my television do the upscaling job? Which is superior.

EDIT: Deleted due to brain fade.

No I think this Option will not „switch“ the Output Resolution. It just switch the Framerate and the Dynamic Range, but unfortunately not the Output Resolution…
So the Upscaling is still done through the AppleTV itself ?

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well, that’s the same as Shield TV, what a silly design comes to such famous companies.

I can find the configuration on other 4K streaming box like Zidoo’s devices.

When u watch 1080p you can set appletv resolution to 1080p and tv will scale.
But its not convenient

My bad, that’s what I get for trying to talk on the phone and answer questions here at the same time. :wink:

Sorry bout the misinformation.

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When using Infuse to replay FHD/HD videos, is the upscaling algorithm taking effect provided by Apple or Infuse?

From what I remember in older posts it’s a custom infuse upscaler which is better than apples built in one.

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