can couchsurfer or firefox install play Netflix player?

I just received an apple tv as a gift and already want to hack it bad! i’m disappointed there’s no browser, as my old pc to a tv gets tiring. the only ben4efit i have with the pc is that i can browse to and can watch movies/shows on demand free as part of my subscription. that process, though installs a plugin/player/control that’s the Netflix Player.

What i’m wondering before I dive into aTV is whether or not anyone has tested and has had luck getting netflix movies to play?

  • ryan

OH, and how about other video playing systems like HULU ? anyone had luck?

Hulu works fine with the newest version of Boxee, (I have invites) but I am not sure about Netflix. I have a feeling that Couch Surfer does not do too well with Flash based stuff. I also don’t have Netflix so I can’t speak from experience. Sorry. :frowning: