Can anyone help me with V (1983 - 1984)

I’m all over the place with naming this one. Problem is that there seems to be a movie and the episodes are not split into individual files. Then there is the 2010 series too. All so confusing.

Any V fans out there. :alien:

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If you’re talking about the 1983 mini series

it would probably have the files names like “V 1983 S01E01.mkv” and “V 1983 S01E02.mkv”

For the 1984 series

it’d be similar but with 19 episodes with file names like t would probably have the files names like “V 1984 S01E01.mkv” and “V 1984 S01E02.mkv” and on for the 19 episodes.

If you happen to have the 1983 as a single file instead of the two episodes you’ll probably want to split it into two files to get the right metadata.

afaik Infuse does not yet support multi episodes in one file

Correct and that’s why I referenced splitting the file into the correct episodes.

The current active suggestion for multiple episodes in one file is here

And note that’s it’s tagged as “planned” so when it gets closer you’ll be able to see the anticipated time frame here.

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