can any one help me please

i want to watch som arabic chanel on apple tv 1 gen is it possibel i can watch them on pc for ex or can i add this link to apple tv and how if any one can help me thanks

  1. Activate the Applications Menu in NitoTV

  2.  Install Firefox through the Extras

  3.  Follow the instructions to install FLASH (requires CoreAudioKit.framework from OS X 10.4.x Tiger) if either website utilizes FLASH.

  4.  Either use a USB keyboard and mouse or if you have an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, Install Remote HD on the ATV Extras and purchase Remote HD on the iDevice and use it as a wireless touchscreen.  Go to the desired websites and save them as FAVORITES.

  5.  Switch to fullscreen on each website as necessary.

I used this approach to watch programming on BBC iPlayer while I was visiting in London.

Next time make your subject line more descriptive and less generic for a quicker response.