Can access my external NAS (My Book Live) but does not see video files, just Public folder.

Can accesss my external NAS (My Book Live) - and it finds the Public folder in which are various Shared Video/Shared Music folders, etc.

But it does not show these - I can get into the Public folder, but as far as the aTV Flash is concerned there is nothing there..

However if I copy a film from the Shared Video folder and into the Public folder - aTV see it, and plays it... however ideally I need these films

in the correct Shared Video folder so that they can be served (via Twonky) to the Playstation 3 via UPNP until the aTV Flash is fully working..


Any plans do let me burrow into the Public folder to access the films - or am I doing something wrong?

There's a number of us with the same problem.  Hopefully Firecore are onto it.

Yep, this is a known issue which we are looking into.