Can 4 Pro and 5 Pro subcription coexist on the same ATV?

Just wanted to see if they would both function independently so if the trial of 5 wasn’t satisfactory it could be deleted and 4 Pro would still be functioning.

I’ve read some have had to delete 4 to get 5 to work.

In theory they should co-exist, but as you say some others have reported problems getting them to co-exist.

That’s why I asked the question, ,maybe James can tell us what needs to be done or what to avoid in order to get them to coexist.

As long as you’re running the latest version of each (specifically 4.3.4 or later) they should work just fine.

i had problem to start 5 with 4 installed.

Removed power cabel and put it back again then it worked
I´m now running Infuse pro 4 (4.3.6) and Infuse pro 5 (5.0.2) on aTV4

I found that I could have both Infuse 4 Pro and Infuse 5 Pro installed at the same time.

When I changed Infuse Pro 5 to be Infuse 5 (to take subscription, having got a refund on my Pro purchase and uninstalled it) I found that I had to remove Infuse Pro 4 and reboot the ATV to get Infuse 5 to work.