Calibration HDR (Masciola) is not working


When i try the mp4 or ts files included in the Masciola HDR Test patterns (Black Clipping), the results are totally wrong, all the bars are visible instead of being hidden.

The problem is not appearing with VLC or MrMC app or also Plex.

It looks like that the SDR Masciola Patterns are working correctly on Infuse, so it looks like it’s a HDR problem.

The problem is discussed here also :

Here is the link of the Test patterns :

Can you resolve this issue ?

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This will be resolved with the HDR related changes coming in 5.6.8.

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Do you know when it will be released ?


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It’s a bit better (cause it’s still not a mess anymore) but there’s still some bars missing.

Like this :

Same on MrMC.

Do you think you could resolve this issue ?


I’m experiencing the same issue, using latest Infuse app. Using the Masciola HDR black clipping 02 pattern, all bars below 86 are crushed. Changing brightness or adjusting gamma has no effect.

We’re investigating a few option for resolving this, and hope to have more news soon.


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I’m also experiencing the same issue, using latest Infuse pro app and latest Masciola HDR test patterns. Black clipping 01 or 02 pattern, all bars below 86 are crushed. Changing brightness or adjusting gamma has no effect. All bars below 86 never blink no matter how high you set brightness.

Hoping you guys are working on and close to a fix for this issue.



We have a good handle of what is going on here, but it seems tvOS 11.3 introduces a new set of related issues which we are working to resolve before a permanent fix for this can be implemented.

Stay tuned.

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Just for reference only. It seems that on 11.3 the airplay cms and grayscale accuracy is messed up. Tested with calman and mobile forge.

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James, i made new measurements for SDR with TED patterns and everything is way off in Infuse (grayscale, gamma, cms). The patterns are fine on my B7 on all other HDMI inputs an internal player. Also the Fire Stick TV with MobileForge is confirming this. Are you working on this topic already with the new beta, any improvements? Is the issue TvOS Beta related?

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Made some new tests and to me seems that YCbCr is broken. RGB High (which in ATV means 16-235) is the most accurate in 11.3 Beta. Infuse still crush blacks.

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Any idea when this is going to be fixed ?

+1 :slight_smile:

James, can you please confirm you’re aware of the crushed blacks issue when converting HDR sources to SDR ?
And if there is a fix coming ?

Thx !

Quick update.

We had a fix for this ready to roll out in February, but it had nasty side effects in 11.3 as unfortunately Apple introduced a number of bugs related to HDR that were not present in the 11.2.x versions.

We have reported these issues to Apple, and are hoping they get them fixed. We’re giving them the benefit of the doubt, as it seems they had a fixed timeline to wrap-up and release 11.3 so it would sync up with their iPad event, and these issues may not have been a priority. Now that this deadline has passed, we remain optimistic they will work to address some of the bugs introduced in 11.3 - as many of these issues also affect some of Apple’s native apps.

Once this happens, we’ll be able to release an update that improves black level handling for both HDR and SDR screens.

In SDR not only black levels. Also RGB reproduction needs to be addressed.

We’ve also reported this issue to Apple.

Right now, Apple has very tight control over how HDR video playback is handed on the Apple TV, and as a result we’re a bit limited in how we can work around issues present in tvOS.

Rest assured, these are a high-priority for us and we’re doing everything we can to resolve what’s going on.

Cool, I hope to switch back to Infuse soon.

Thank you James.