Caching over WAN question (live playing)


I plan to let my sister connect to my NAS over WAN (Webdav) with an iPad, but I read something here on the forum that Infuse on the playing device try as much as possible (depending free space on the device) to cache the file.

So if the movie is like 10GB and she have more than 10GB free, the iPad will pull 100% of my upload until 100% of the file is cached ? Considering she have more download that I have in upload.

I have enough upload speed, but pulling 100% of my upload during xx minutes will be kinda annoying.

Or there is some limitation for WAN connections ?

You’ll have to do bandwidth limiting/management on either the router or possibly on your storage NAS.

The upcoming 6.2.4 release will include an option to disable disk caching, if you prefer.

Yes great \o/

But there will be a little buffer anyway ?

Yes, buffering will still be present.

You can toggle it on and off to see if one option works better than the other.

Thank you, will look out for the 6.2.4

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