caching of coverart in grid view?

hi there,


i seems to me, that the cover art, which is see in the nice grid-view is not cached.


for example, when i browse through the list of folders thumbnails are automatcly generated from the files inside the folders and nicely shown in grid view.

(i use XBMC mainly, so i have stored all those art-files, like poster.jpg, *-fanart.jpg, etc. inside each and every folder which contains a single movie file)

but when i move into a single folder and move back, the thumbs are generated again.


will they never be cached? or where do i need to go to activate caching?



i have turned off the “fetch metadata”-option in the mp-settings because i don’t want mp to fetch the (wrong) data, because XBMC did this job very well and we do not need to do the same work twice again :wink:

mp version 111.184935

anyone? maybe the staff?