Cache streaming settings

Could you please elaborate on this for me? I see the setting and auto/legacy as options. Could you explain exactly what this does?

I’ve had countless issues with Infuse crashing since TVOS 13 and having to reboot the ATV and retry playback in order for the caching progress bar to begin to move when using a Plex share.

Auto uses Infuses new disk-based caching which was added in v6.

There are some very specific cases where some may prefer to disable disk-based caching, so switching to Legacy will allow you to do this.

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Got it. When set to auto will it automatically switch back to legacy on its own when the caching or buffering fails?

Thank you so much for adding this option!

Yes, in cases where disk-caching is not possible (EG low disk space) Infuse will automatically fall back to the legacy option.

Perfect and thanks for adding this option. I’ll be testing this for sure in the coming days to see how it performs.

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