Cache Size

I’m enjoy your app very much, just one request, Can you add the option to select different cache when streaming from samba or webdav?
Like start playing at 10 mb but continuing caching until 500mb or even more

My situation is caching speed is good from 3MB/s to 15 MB/s but once it start playing, it would stop somewhere waiting for caching again,

Thank you!

Sorry for my lousy Engrish.

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+1, that would be awsome.

Please can you add an option to select the cache size in MB. I know there’re two option now, auto and legacy, but both are fixed. It’s better if we have an option to choose between different sizes such as 50MB, 75Mb, or 100MB and so on.

Just curious as to what kind of problem you’re seeing that this would address better than the auto that caches as much as possible or the legacy that appears to interpret the needs of the current video and attempts to cache just enough to avoid pauses?

I’m guessing that both are quite a bit more advanced that 6+ years ago when this thread started.

See with auto mode it causes all kinds of api hits on gdrive, and on legacy mode there is not enough cache size to quickly skip forward or backward a little, especially with 4k files, as it will buffer for a while before starting to work again.

While with other players that allows modifying the cache size, I can set it, for example, to 250-300 MB and it would give a smoth forward/backward skipping when needed, and without hitting the api limits.

Also, I didn’t want to start a new thread since this one already exists.

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