Cache out of sync for folders with 1 file

When I have 1 video in 1 folder and then delete the video and put another one in the same folder, the metadata for the original file is shown rather than the new one.

What I think happens: When you have a folder with 1 video in it, it is cached in the meta_movie table of com.firecore.mediameta.db as Path “smb://X.X.X.X/folder” rather than the filename.

So if the filename is “A.mp4” and you delete it and put “B.mp4” into that directory, the cache still has the metadata for A.mp4 since it is only using the folder name rather than the full filename.

note: I have the setting that retrieves metadata from thetvdb/themoviedb off – it only gets the metadata embedded in the mp4 file.

Have you tried correcting metadata as described in the link below after uploading the new file?


I can correct it by removing the corresponding line from the cache db file ( ) or by going to Reset->Clear all Metadata,  but it seems to be a bug because the folder name is being cached with the description rather than the filename, if and only if there is only 1 file in the directory.



This also seems to be a problem with the Watchings.db and watched indicators.

Create subdir, put 1 file in it, watch it.  Delete file, put another one in same folder name.  It is marked has having been watched.

This is because the md5 hash for itemid for folders with 1 file in them is based on the folder name rather than the full filename.


I still must Clear All Metadata quite often due to this bug which is a pain. Any chance of getting it fixed?