Cache Indicator displaced?

I have recently noticed that the cache indicator sometimes shifts to the right slightly. I’m using the latest version of Infuse with caching set to “memory only”. In the following example I have started playback from the beginning, used the chapter controls to skip the intros, then pressed the pause button:

Playback resumes instantly, suggesting that the next seconds are in fact cached. Is this a visual glitch or is there another explanation for the missing segment?


Yeah, I’m seeing that one as well as all the other problems I’m experiencing at the moment.

It happens to me too. But everything works perfectly, so it must be a visual glitch.

Yeah, this bug is present since v7.3.7, when the RAM only streaming cache option was introduced…

I have better pictures of this bug:

Problem still present in v7.4.6:

And when using legacy cache option (so no caching to the internal ATV NAND flash storage) the time left bar (normally dark gray) is now black… :smiley:

LOL. Mabye that is a feature? XD

But why using the legacy option? I think the RAM only is the best.

Hmm, my use case is only streaming via LAN cable connection from my SAMBA share. So I need no big caching like Memory only does. And I am not really sure if this option stores little data to the NAND so I kept with legacy.

I have the same use case! I found RAM only better because seeking is quicker with it. As far as I know, RAM only does not user the NAND at all. But I am not entirely sure, these options are not really documented in detail…

Could you please fix this in the current release?:

Will this be fixed?:

This should be fully resolved in today’s 7.5 release!

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


My fav Stranger Things :slight_smile:

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