Cache Cloud-Service File Instead of Reloading Whole File

Using Infuse with Google Drive, I can see that app buffers file to the end (from looking at seek bar). If I close current file and open it again back to back, it will rebuffer a file again although a file is still the same file. So suggest that it should keep a cache until it detects any file change (filename, date, size) before reloading whole file and there should be an option in setting to clear that cloud-service cache too.

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It will consume way too much space locally, especially for the tiny Apple TV. To make it work, cache management algorithm should be considered very carefully.

However, I agree. The cache files should be kept for a little while until either (1) TTL timer runs out, or (2) storage is low, or (3) max disk cache size is reached.

This will further mitigate API ban issue for Google Drive.

I think using legacy cache can fix this issue by only caching bit by bit? It’s not saving the cache, instead only loafing a fraction as it goes. I might be confused.

Option 1: Throw everything out after each meal.
Option 2: Cook an abundant serving for everyone and keep the leftovers in the fridge for next meal.
Option 3: Cook just enough for your anticipated meal and run the risk of not having enough.

Which one would you choose?

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Definitely option 2, but between 1 and 3 I’d pick 3. My internet has a quota sadly.

For me, I think it can be something similar to Google Drive iOS app, having an ability to make an offline version and having a choice to remove once done.

You can with Infuse. If you wish to have things synced to your device, just bring out the menu for the item then click download. Caching is just for steaming, which Google Drive does extremely poorly.

Thanks SnowHare,

yep I know that but it is not the same as offline method i.e. when offline file is deleted, in a cloud should be too. I mention this because caching a streaming is much more complicated than just flag a file as offline. So this option might be easy for developers to deploy.

Ohhh, you mean like the old Google Drive Backup and Sync, instead of the old Google Drive FileStream?

Basically, include a directory, and Infuse should just download everything. That may not work very well for Apple TVs…

Something like that but a caching streaming file should still be improved in case user just want to stream a file instead of pre-downloading. Again, it is up to FireCore to decide what to do with Apple TV but in my opinion caching file could be the same across OS since it will get thrown out after sometime via TTL control like you have mentioned.

An offline file version (while stay in-sync with online) could be possible on every device too since one can just remove unwanted files.

Infuse does have a download option if you prefer to download the entire file and watch it instead of streaming.

Additionally, if you watch a downloaded file the watched status will sync with the streamed version you have. The same applies if you have multiple copies of the same video stored in different places - the watched history will all stay in sync.

Thanks for info on that. But as far I know it does not sync offline and online ones in a sense of file removal. When deleting offline an online one still be there. Making me to delete one in my device and go manually to Google Drive to delete an online one. Twice a work.