By Genre section have different languages


Last night I realized that now the “By Genre” is a mess. It has the same genre in different languages.

For what I noticed if I have a comedy movie in Spanish it will show as “Comedia” if a movie is in English it shows a “Comedy.” I don’t know Russian or Ukrainian but those titles in the picture are for a movie of those country. Also saw a few in Japanese.

Do you have Embedded Metadata turned on by chance?

Sorry for the delay. Nope.

Do you have local metadata with your files (.nfo / .xml); or are you using an external media manager (Plex, Emby, Jellyfin)?

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Nope. Nothing changed with my files. The only change I remember was the new update of infuse for the original metadata language.

Now thinking…I think when they remove that option some metadata are in original language but infuse doesn’t support it?

The genres list is populated from the actual genres found in your videos.

So, it may be possible to have a mix of languages here if you have items with metadata in different languages.

It’s not possible to merge all of them using system language? For me doesn’t have sense to have a section named “familia” & other “family” or comedy & comedia. :melting_face:

Unless you have a more compelling reason to have metadata from a mixture of languages, I’d suggest the easiest thing to do to consolidate the genres is re-import your library using your preferred language as the metadata source.

No, my reason was because sometimes I was looking for a movie in his original title but the metadata was in English and in some occasion the translation is very different from the actual title & I to google it lol