buying Infuse and display options

  1. Is there any functional difference between infuse 5 with subscription and infuse 5 pro?

  2. I am going to buy infuse but I don’t want to pay for every major release nor yearly subscription,I should choose "Infuse Pro - Lifetime $44.99 " right? so I could still get the update when v6 v7…etc release.

  3. After I add a NAS drive to infuse, some movies are displayed as files, but some are displayed as a folders. I used to create a folder for a movie which contains both movie file , subtitle files and extra file. Can I set the viewing type to folder only or file only? I don’t want the the list is mixed by both folders and files.


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  1. No difference.

  2. The difference between Pro and the subscription is that Pro you’re only paying for that Major version. When Infuse updates to v6, the people on subscriptions automatically get it, but people who use Pro will have to buy the new v6 Pro app.

  3. What are the file names in the folder? Usually you’ll see this if there’s something in the folder Infuse doesn’t know what to do with so it shows a folder. If you use the Library view and not the folders it’ll just show the movies.

thanks for the reply timstephens24

regarding to “3”, the file names are various , eg. A.I.Artificial.Intelligence.2001.1080p.mkv ; 2001.A.Space.Odyssey.1968.Bluray.1080p.mkv.

is there any option that I can force infuse to show folder only?

No, you can’t. If you go into each folder (I’m not sure how many you have, I had about 15-20) then match up the movie by editing the metadata and doing a search, the folder will go away and get replaced by the correct movie. This is usually due to something not working in the search like with ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)’ Infuse doesn’t like the periods in the names (it happens with other movies like R.I.P.D.) so you have to tell it what the movie is.