buy atv3 before jb available?


have been waiting and now am getting impatient for the atv3 jb to arrive.

is it worth considering purchasing the atv3 now so that i can save shsh etc in the event of a working jailbreak? i guess the concern would be that if i wait, a jailbreak might come out that doesn’t support ios 6 or whatever ios is available at the time.


i don’t plan on using the atv3 at all unjailbreaked, but can’t find an atv2 that i’m willing to pay for.

if all fails, any recommendations for an alternative product???

i basically just want to have a media server that can stream directly off my time capsule and into my tv with minimum fuss…



Welcome to waiting game buddy!

We all are waiting for more then a year and still waiting. Keep visiting this forum for the news.


I’m hoping it’ll be available by Summer.

Who cares apple tv3.

Please check following link is better then Apple TV3


I’m debating on keeping the aTV3 I got for Christmas. Other downside for me is that I don’t have a TV that accepts HDMI (But I plan on buying a box to convert the signal). I saw the OUYA console, but I dunno if I wanna wait until March.

The “premium” for ATV2’s is a supply/demand thing since Apple no longer makes them and they are break-able… thus they are expensive.  When ATV3’s finally break (if ever) then ATV2’s will be a dime a dozen. 

Can we PLEASE get NETFLIX onto the ATV1?  I have like 10 of them in my house and can get rid of the ROKU’s if ATV1 had NETFLIX!!!


Good luck for the NETFLIX for ATV1 buddy. ATV1 has very less memory and never ever going to work.

Better to buy ATV2 right now before price goes to sky high.

That doesn’t make sense that the ATV1 has little to no memory.  How is it able to run anything at all?  If the thing can run and stream iTunes, then running/streaming Netflix should be no problem.  I don’t believe it’s a memory issue.  There are MILLIONS of these ATV1’s out there (well, maybe not millions) and putting netflix on them would make many people happy.

ATV2 is nice if you want a teeny unit that streams things.

I like being able to disconnect the ATV1 and bring my music and movies WITH me wherever I go.  The “cloud” is not an option as storage there is not free for large movie and music collections.

After you start XBMC on ATV1 then please visit XBMC Settings and System Info and see how much memory is free?

You will find 20MB to 30MB free and its not much you can do. however, you may find IceFilms, 1Channel and Navi-X works fine so its much better then NetFlix and  I wouldn’t complaint. Don’t install Frodo but keep using XBMC 11 Eden.

lol well when I am using xbmc to watch a movie… I’m not really doing anything else with the unit so I don’t care if there’s little memory left over.  as long as the movie plays… which they all do, then no problem :slight_smile:

get a raspberry Pi