Burned in subtitle tracks not aligning with regular subtitle track

Hi there, I 've been using Infuse for a couple years now on my Apple TV. Previously I was a dedicated Plex user but there were too many playback issues with my set up.
The majority of my videos are MKV’s created using Handbrake from ripped DVD’s.

Here is the issue I am having: When I burn in a forced subtitle track and have the regular subtitle track going infuse doesn’t always seem to align the burned in track with the regular one. Sometimes it is off by a small amount and sometimes the tracks appear “on top of each other” … as in I see the burned in forced track above the regular … so two lines of the same dialogue.

Now I figured this was probably just a consequence of how I’m encoding but I decided to run these types of videos through Plex and Plex seemingly combines the two without issue. What is Plex “seeing” in the file that Infuse is not in this situation?


If you are able to send in the video and subtitle you are using we can take a look.


If will send the MKV and source ISO. Only a short clip to keep file sizes down.

Upon further inspection it seems that Infuse is separating the tracks so they can be “seen”

Another note is that on Plex they are not being separated … which is good when the subs match but not good when they don’t match. Like the very first set of subtitles that appear in this clip.