Bundle/Include Apple Updates

I love atv flash. It is a terrific product that makes the Apple TV the device that SHOULD have shipped from Apple.

But I really think that fire core needs to address the issue of updates from apple.

I have an itunes library with about 500 GB of music and movies. This is synced to my appleTV that has a 1TB external drive.
Sadly, I’ve had to get very used to the process of re syncing everything after Apple releases an update to atv.

My usual process is this.
-enable atv updates.
-allow the atv to update.
-download the latest version of atv flash and repatch the appletv
-reset the external drive as primary storage
-wait 3 days for a complete sync (even though the external hd contains the up-to-date itunes library)

Now, when we make our patchsticks, the atv flash program downloads the atv tiger software from some repository or another.

My basic question is: Isn’t there some way to include the new atv updates from apple when that is downloaded?

regards and compliments on a wonderful product.

allan dawson.

You can avoid some of the sync time by skipping over step #4 when re-setting up the external drive as primary storage.

Your media files on the external drive will remain unchanged, so they can be used again without having to re-sync everything.