Bulk editing of genres

Hello, It’s great software, but I really miss the bulk editing of genres, their own list, and bulk metadata editing… Thank you, Zdenek.

Infuse does not enable any metadata editing in the app — in bulk or singly.

Infuse only allows you to correct misidentified files — this is what the “edit metadata” actually function does. It might be more accurately called “changing” or “swapping” metadata since all a user does is correct which TMDB title a video file is associated with. When a user selects a different media title, all metadata for that entry is replaced with the TMDB-sourced metadata assigned to the newly selected title.

An individual movie’s genres may be “edited” (overwritten in the Infuse metadata Library) via the use of local .nfo with user-customized genre tags or via the use of an external media manager such as Plex.

TV genres can not be edited via custom .nfo in vanilla Infuse. I don’t know if they can be edited using Plex.

I ought to note that I don’t own a Mac; so if this feature is present in the MacOS version of Infuse, I’m unaware of it.

Thank you for answer. Of course I can write .nfo or .xml files, but for more than 1000 items it is not “completely practical”. I used to use the program “JRiver MediaCenter” but recently it doesn’t work well on MacOS. It automatically added metadata to the media in bulk in .xml files, but “Infuse” does not read them. It’s a shame because I have to use another software for my own accurate database… Z.

You could try Kodi or TinyMediaManager to bulk edit metadata. Infuse does recognize local .nfo and .xml, and will display some of that metadata [ tag support is limited but covers most of the bases to the extent Infuse’s structure can support it — which, in part, explains why TV series (internally are collections of videos) get less support than movies (unique videos) ] instead of that which it sources from TMDB.