Build not eligible for device when trying to restore Custom ipsw from iTunes

I cannot get the IPSW Firmware on the Apple TV.

I did

- use PWNAGE to create the AppleTV2,1_4.1_8M89_Custom_Restore.ipsw

- Put the ATV in DFU Mode

- Used iTunes and Option Clicked on "Restore"

- Selected the ipsw file


- Verifying the update with Apple -> This device is not eligible for ...

What am I doing wrong?



It's a known issue....Apple stopped "signing" that firmware recently.

Christian, Did you save your shsh blogs? Nano

I don't even know what that is :-)

I have the same problem. How can we work this out - will I get a refund (as I have the original 4.0 on my Apple TV and therefore had to assume that everything works fine) or will there be a new Jailbreak soon? Should I still stay on 4.0 or can I upgrade to 4.1 as 4.0 is now useless anyway? And finally: Don’t know about SHSH, but will TinyUmbrella and saving these SHSH still help me to get it working?

Would be nice if someone could help us out. Thanks for your efforts.

I have the same problem
my apple tv is 4.1, I had created the custom ipsw 4.1 file but itunes say it cant restore the custom file as my Apple TV is not eligible… Thats really bad I bought my micro usb cable yesterday, got my licence Firecore for my apple tv then cant use it ! … how long will it takes to solve this problem ? shoud I update to 4.2 on my apple tv then wait for the dev team to jailbreak this 4.2 version before being able to install the firecore application on it ? or do you proceed to refund in the mean time ? I took a one year update for your program but days are running and I cant use it … You should really mention this problem before we buy your software.

this is BS will be filing paypal complaint if not fixed in the next day or so. Should have been disclosed

I have the same exact issue... this really should have been disclosed as the advertisement was how incredibly "easy" it was to set up.  If I knew nothing about computers, this would not be easy.


Please advise.

I also have this problem. My apple tv has 4.0 on it. I did not update and fallowed the directions exactly. Yet it failed to work. Please let me know how to fix this. 




This is a email i got from customer servie when i emailed them about my problem(this problem)


We're sorry for the trouble. It seems Apple has stopped allowing the 4.0 software to be installed, leaving the newer 4.1 software as the only option.

We're planning to have a 4.1 (iOS 4.2.1) compatible version available soon. When available this will be a free download available in your account.

-Fire Core Support

Thank you very much. That is helpful.

I hope the new version comes out soon.

When does my "1 year" of updates start?  When I purchased it, or when it actually starts to work??

when they finalize the software.

your welcome.  i didn't find out this information untill after 3 days about 5 hours each trying to figure out WTF was wrong. lol

this is what a Beta version is all about …


It helps the developers find problems they they dont come across themselves …

to be an effective beta tester … when you have an issue you tell hem and they work on the fix …

so keep sending in your bugs as you come across them so the develpoers can do what they do best …

As Andrew mentioned your one year will start when it comes out of beta or goes gold master



I'm having the same problem here... :-(

I can only update to apple's firmware... f#@k

Please FireCore team, Hurry Up !!!

Nothing to do with Firecore.

Everyone’s waiting for DevTeam to provide an untethered jailbreak for AppleTV on iOS 4.2.1

In the meantime, you could try to do a tethered jailbreak, but you really have to know what you are doing and have a Mac running Snow Leopard and a Windows virtual machine close to the AppleTV box.

Not for the fainthearted and it took me 2 weeks to get it right - needed iReb to kill Error 1600, use Windows to restore the firmware and had to reinstall stock firmware first if I got Error 21.

But I now have AppleTV with aTV Flash and AirPlay all running beautifully.

Info here: