Bugs: subtitles, backup, error on playback, media player menu bar


I have experienced several bugs after upgrading to 5.2

  1. As 5.1 fixes the Danish subtitles 5.2 has now reverted the fix back to where Danish letters are showed as weird symbols.

  2. When I tried to restore my 5.2 to the old backup settings there was a long loading time and eventually I came to a new interface that was so large that I could not pick my old backup. It was pressed out of the picture frame and not visible.

3 After organizing my favorites bar in media player and renaming the favorites they randomly reverted back to original state and sometimes the current folder where I have my music located suddenly was placed on the top menu bar

4 Since the update I have experienced a lot more “playback errors, could not play media, press menu to restart the Apple TV”.

Am I alone on this or are you guys experiencing something similar?

Hope you are able to fix it soon

Best regards


I too have had surreptitious additions to my Media Player menu bar, adding “TV Shows” it the top only after I’ve gone into the directory. 

I’ve another, more annoying problem in that subtitles seem to be displayed longer than they’re supposed to be. Case in point - A BluRay I’ve ripped, Love Actually, has an English subtitle track that plays for the Portuguese dialogue.

Looking at the timing, subtitles that should last 3 seconds tend to stay on around 6 seconds, only being removed when new titles are updated or when those 6 seconds elapse. 

I’ve run them through Aegisub to check that they’re valid (they are) and that they don’t overlap (they don’t). Playing the film through QuickTime Player, the timings are short and correct. On Media Player, they’re twice as long and kinda ruin the romance and punch of the scenes. 

I’m attaching the SRT file (txt) for examination. Stick it on a rip and compare. 

Media Player: 2.2-417

ATV Black 2.2

Movie Length: 2:14:52

Diagnostic info: C07FCBVHDDR5


I’ve discovered it seems to affect M4Vs where the SRTs are inside the container as a subtitle track. If the titles are external, the timing is correct but - for me - the first subtitle is not displayed. Even after I’ve added a dummy “.” subtitle at the very beginning (second file, Love_Actually_2.txt) which doesn’t show, but then the original first subtitle (40m into the film) finally does show, so it seems something needs to initialise.