Bugs or incorrect setup?


Hi! I have a few issues with Flash for aTV2:

  • Video stops every now and then for buffering. Mostly when viewing .mkv files at around 6 GB in 720p res.
  • Native radio does not work.
  • Getting "You network may not be fast enough for..." message sometimes.

My local network uses at 802.11n 2,4Ghz Zyxel router and my PC is running MS Vista (yeah… I know!) wirelessly connected to the network. The aTV is also not connected by cable (double hopping). Is this the problem, and would I have better performance using a wired connection from mu PC to the router, and only WiFi from the router to the aTV? OR should I use cables at all connections?


Regarding the radio issue, I do not have any other “Extras” installeed besides the Media Player and the Weather app. No “ATVFiles (beta)” or stuff like that.


Can anyone help me solve this please? :)


Best ragards

Lasse, Denmark

  1. and 3) are both less likely to happen on a wired connection.   However if the bit rate is high you may not be able to totally eliminate such messages even on a wired connection.

2)  Have you diabled any of the standard Apple menus (in particular the Internet one).   Doing so can stop some of the standard Apple functionality working correctly.

Thanks a lot for the fast respond. The internetradio somehow seems to be working again, and I did not disable any of the original menus. I guess maybe the problem was the iTunes server or something like that… anyway, it seems to be solved.

Are there any guidelines regarding the maximum bit rate a wired, a WiFi and mixed cable/WiFi setup can handle without buffering? I just thought that if my network could transfer a file faster than the total run-time of the movie, it would be OK. But I’m not that much into the details of how it actually works…

I have a gigabit router and a gigabit LAN-card in my computer, so do you think I could eliminate buffering by going wired from the PC to the router only? A cable from the router to the aTV would be a bit more tricky.

hello itimpi,

do you (or anybody else) know, if there will be problems as you described when moving the standard apple menus to the overflow menu instead of disable them with the maintenance tool?

i’m asking, because i have almost all apple menu items moved to overflow and don’t know, if the strange effects/problems/phenomena i experience are caused by “touching” the menu structure. it does not sound to me that this could be a problem, but who knows…


I do not think it matters how you hide the menu.

Note that hiding standard Apple menus (in particular the Internet menu) can have unpredictable side-effects on the Apple provided functionality.