Bugs(?) on iPad

episode metadata (TV Shows) only display in landscape mode
In normal view, all episode display same metadata (picture)

cover art (TV Shows) can’t change manually
TV Shows/The Office

Season 1
The Office.jpg = not work
TV Shows/The Office
The Office.jpg = not work
TV Shows
The Office.jpg = not work

subtitle file must be del before the movie gone

sorry for my poor english

This is expected in the current version. Unfortunately, large retina quality episode artwork is simply not readily available at this time so we are using series artwork for the large banners in portrait view.

Episode artwork will be shown in landscape view as these images are displayed at a smaller size.

As iPad in landscape view is really awkward (only 1 row = scrolling forever)
Hope there will be a update to choose the episode artwork shown in portrait view

You can actually override the artwork shown in portrait view - we refer to this as ‘fanart’ so you’ll want to use a format of: Inception-fanart.jpg

A bit more info on the available options can be found here.