Bugfix / feature request: tags not working for TV shows, only movies

In my experience, tags as described here:

only work for movies, not TV shows. E.g. I have a movie that provides orange/gray buttons below the description for “4K Theatrical Cut” and “720p”, and it works great.

However, I’ve also got a TV show that I have in its original 4:3 ratio as well as a widescreen version. I’ve tried adding tags to the episode filenames like “[Wide Screen]” or “{edition-Wide Screen}” but nothing shows up in the Infuse UI. This seems to be confirmed here:

So this is a request for tags to work for TV shows as well. The main use cases being, of course, things like different aspect ratios and/or different resolutions for shows that have been remastered.

Because right now I just have every episode appearing duplicated, which looks weird and there’s no easy way to tell which is which, without scrolling all the way down and trying to decipher it from the filename listed at the bottom in light gray.

Thank you!

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