Bugfix / feature request: be able to reorder "favorites" on Apple TV

To navigate my Infuse collection on my Apple TV, I use a number of different collections which I pin to my home screen, but I also want quick access to things like “Library”, “All movies”, “All TV shows”, “Recently added TV shows”, etc.

I’m able to star these in the library interface to add/remove from the Favorites bar on the home screen, and that works great.

The only problem is that there’s no way to control the order. There’s no way I can find to explicitly reorder them, but they’re also not displayed in the order added, so I can’t remove them and then re-add them in my desired order. So right now I’m stuck with a really random order like:

  • Library
  • TV shows
  • Recently added movies
  • Collections
  • Movies
  • Recently added TV shows

It makes no sense to navigate. So it would be really helpful if there were a way to order/reorder items in Favorites.

Two ideas for accomplishing this that would hopefully not take too much work would be:

  1. If a long-press on an item in favorites showed a context menu with a “reorder” option (the way items in collections do), it would open Favorites in a kind of grid collection view that already supports the “jiggly” way of reordering for collections. I know favorites don’t currently show any menu in long-press, but maybe there are other logical options to add that would support a menu (like “Remove from Favorites” too)

  2. To use the home screen editing interface that allows you to reorder all of the collection rows on your home screen. In this case, the items underneath “favorites” could show up as indented items underneath the “favorites” row, with those three-line-draggable icons indicating they can be reordered.

Thank you!

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