Bug with missing Home Screen items

I’ll check on saturday if something changed for me, not at home at the moment.

Everything seems OK now, from my previous list, all movies shows well in home screen.
Thank you, and happy new year guys !


Would you be able to do another test? Try pinning the Library > Movies > By Rating > 8-10 Stars (or 7 Stars) to the home screen and then check the home screen list with the “See All” and see if both show the same videos in the same order.

For me there are still missing titles from the home screen list that are present in the first of the “see all” list.

@NC_Bullseye Here it is, lot of missing items ( no seen / unseen filter there, only " rated 7 stars " ).
Hope this helps


@thepopol777 Thanks for that! Looks about like what I’m seeing on this section. All of the different star ratings seem to be hosed a bit for pinned versus see all.

At least the other pinned lists are looking better!

I rarely use these sorts from the library but it’d be nice to know they are right when they are used.

I’m sure that @james is looking into this, again thanks for the test. :+1:


I’ve read the thread title but not made the connection till finally reading the most recent post. I can confirm I’ve noted such odd omissions from the beginning on my default two customized pinned lists — one each for (all) 4K Movies and (all) 4K TV Shows, and also affecting my “Recently Added Movies” and “Recently Added TV” pinned lists.

The pinned lists include titles in alphabetical order (following Infuse’s bizarre alphabetical sorting idiosyncrasies with regard to ignoring leading articles … or not … and issues with respecting users’ title and/or filename sort preferences) but not simply the first X items in the list. It appears to randomly (but consistently) skip over specific spaces in the list. Perhaps to throw love to items appearing later in the alphabet? I have no idea … but it’s weird; and I once endeavored to reverse engineer the logic behind it … but got distracted with other Infuse issues that bothered me more.

Will follow for updates.

This should be fully resolved in today’s 7.5 release! :slight_smile:

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