Bug with episode selector in big series

I just added Detective Conan to my library. It’s a big “Huge” anime series with 1 season and more than 1000 episodes in it.
The episode selector acts funny and it seems impossible to point at a particular episode :sweat_smile:.
I’m not sure how to better explain it but if you have a series with more than 1000 episodes in 1 season you’ll see what I mean. It’s almost impossible to navigate the episodes and pick a particular one as if infuse can’t handle such big season.

I’ve noticed this issue on both my tvOS and iPhone XS.

Have you let Infuse complete the scans and icloud sync for these?

Another thing I’ve found that smooths out the scrolling through things is to scroll through the entire list, then go back. For me things seem to be smoother one Infuse has loaded things once.

And of course, after that, using the Library to scan through is usually smoothest once things get loaded.

Yup already done both. Didn’t work.

lol going to the list of episodes crashed TMDb site. :laughing:

I don’t think infuse team ever expected that many episodes in one season. But maybe they can look at it.

Anyways this is probably one of those shows that need to have it broken up into seasons, maybe by year? IMDb lists it with 53 seasons.

It’s pretty common for anime series to have big number of episodes in one season. I’m surprised this issue never came up.

Hope they fix it soon