Bug when deleting one version of a movie when you have multiples

Hi, I have noticed a bug (I use Plex to hold my content).

If I have two copies of a movie (for example a 720p and 1080p), it lets me choose which version I want to play.

However, if I then delete that file from my server and try to play the same movie in Infuse, instead of giving me an option to play the version I still have it just gives an error.


So you play the 720 movie, then delete the 720 movie and then you try to play the 720 movie again and Infuse gives you an error? Seems that would be the desired result. Doesn’t the 720 disappear after the next sync? Then you should only see the 1080 version.

Hi, know I mean if I delete the 720p version and just go back to play the movie again, instead of playing the 1080p or giving me the option it just gives me an error.

Can you try running the Refresh option on the details page (after deleting a video)?

You can also long-press on the Play button, and it should give you the version select prompt again.

Thank you - I didn’t know about the long press function as it wasn’t an obvious thing to try!

This works for me


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