[BUG] TV show episodes appear in Movies library

How do I move them to the TV Shows library? It’s odd, because most of the TV show is in the TV Shows library, but one season was detected as something else. When I edit the metadata, no suggestions are provided that allow me to match with the TV show. How do I move it out?

What are the file names?

I’ve noticed that if Infuse thinks an item belongs in a Movies or TV Shows library, that it will not show metadata matches from the other metadata source. In other words, if Infuse wrongly marks an episode of TV as a movie, it’s impossible to get suggestions for TV shows for that item. It will only show movie suggestions. That means there’s no way to move an item to another library.

Is there no way to completely whipe an association to a library type so both metadata sources could be used as suggestions? I literally have thousands of items in this state, and after correctly associating metadata with thousands of others, this is the behaviour I’ve noticed. While it seems like a good idea to limit suggestions to the metadata source based on the library an item has been added, it incorrectly assumes that an item will always be added to the correct library, which is absolutely not the case. This effectively makes it impossible to move items from one library type to another.

Suggestions should be offered from all metadata sources.

Knowing the file names could help in figuring out the issues you’re having.

The name of the show, which is in the file, easily matches both something from “Movies” on the moviedb, and “TV Shows” on the moviedb. In addition, TVdb finds the item. I know this from doing a search on the respective sites. So, what has happened is that Infuse accepted the match on the moviedb from its “Movies” database, even though it should have selected the match to its “TV Shows” database. Ultimately, there’s no way to edit the metadata so it finds its match against a TV show, because once Infuse says an item belongs in either its “Movies” library or “TV Shows” library, there’s no migrating them out, because Infuse will not provide suggestions for the other type of library when it’s in its current library. This erroneous behaviour needs to be corrected.

I realize I’m not providing you the name of the file, as I don’t see it fixing the issue I describe, which is more important to solving this than knowing the name of the file. If Infuse allowed migrating items from one library to another, this would not be an issue. Consider, for example, that a file had the words “star.trek.etc.etc.s01e01” in it, and Infuse matched it to one of the dozen or so Star Trek movies on moviedb. After doing this, I choose to edit the metadata because it’s an incorrect match, and after typing “star trek” into the metadata search, I will only see Star Trek movies suggested, instead of also Star Trek TV shows. This is my problem. Infuse needs to show suggestions from both kinds of sources, otherwise incorrect matches are eternally locked into an incorrect match. I’m not going to rename thousands of items, as that would probably fix the issue, if that is ever mentioned as a workaround.

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Seeing the same issue, hopefully it can be fixed.

Now I understand where you’re heading. I can see where scanning both tv and movie databases and displaying the combined possibilities may be a major change software wise but I wonder if they could add a “TV/Movie” choice on the search screen along with the “abc” “ABC” “Symbols” options.

It appears that now, if Infuse doesn’t see the S01E01 (or one of it’s variations) it goes to the movie database only and if it does see some iteration of that it goes to the TV database only.

I personally haven’t had the issue your describing but I can see it’s only a matter of time until some movie name includes something that Infuse interprets as season/episode info and won’t search for movie info at all.

Again I’m not an employee of Firecore but it sure seems that adding that option in the search screen would be possible and for me personally I’d rather not have both databases displayed at the same time, only toggle between the two.

Maybe add this to the suggestion forum?

I’ve renamed the title of this post to incldue “[BUG],” as it’s really a bug in my mind. I also think the ability to select a source for metadata matches is part of a grander need, which is the need to actually just define any number of libraries we want, and by doing so, also allow us to define a metadata source to power each of those libraries, instead of the current state, where an item is assigned to either a “TV Shows” library or a “Movies” library, which is limiting, oftentimes wrong, and incorrigible. Here’s that grander ticket that I created a few weeks ago, which requests the ability to define any number of libraries, and to choose metadata source to power the matches in those libraries: Allow defining any number of libraries

Also, I found another good example. On themoviedb, it lists Band of Brothers as a movie and a TV show. It feels like a roll of the dice with Infuse. If you’re lucky, it’ll mark it as a TV show, but if you’re unlucky, it’ll mark it as a movie, where it will then be listed in the “Movies” library as ten identical movies.

Sorry I couldn’t help.

In my mind, this is the most critical feature to completely abandon Plex make Infuse better. I’ve still got 1700+ items in “Other” that I’m unable to pair with correct metadata, because all of them only get metadata suggestions for movie titles, not TV show titles. I know absolutely that these 1700 items are TV episodes. I really want to be able to match them up and be done with them, but Infuse doesn’t provide the ability. I find it odd that this impossibility to choose a metadata source when attempting to match a file has not appeared in more frequent discussions and been addressed.

Can this maybe get on the radar? It really would mean that no one is ever stuck with dud files in “Other” that are impossible to correct. I’d like to point out that everything discussed in this thread applies to tvOS as well.

For reference, I found an older discussion where @james essentially describes this: Infuse Metadata Source - #5 by james.

I get that this is not usually a showstopper for most people, because I think the vast majority of people have smaller libraries that are easy to edit when they want, but for larger libraries, these problems just become more pronounced (a theme I’ve noticed with Infuse, for example, with scanning large libraries as another showstopper). I’m happy that 21k items were matched, but renaming 1700 items requires a significant amount of time, and it would be easier if I could just tell Infuse to look at TVDB instead of moviedb for whatever item I’m attempting match.

Aaaah, now I understand why I had so much trouble getting correct metadata for Doctor Who - it was looking for movies instead of series! Thanks to this post I realized what the problem was and could fix it.

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