Bug: trailer fails for some titles

Most work, but this one doesn’t.

It may help if you say what movie or tv show this occurred with.

Looks like it might be “Glass Onion, a Knives Out Mystery”.

I was asking what movie he was on when selecting the trailer to get this one with it being trailer 2 I was asking to see if there was a reason that it didn’t select the first trailer.

The other question is that the notice says “unsupported URL” and the OP is using a VPN so that may be the reason also if we can find out what movie he tried to play the trailer on it may help like I said in my first post.

I still don’t have home internet (:pensive:) so my only Infuse experience the past month or two has been offline … so I don’t have much experience with the Trailers interface (and honestly not a ton of interest in it). My understanding though was it only played trailers for the movie whose details page you were currently looking at? Could the OP have been looking at anything other than Glass Onion?

I only mentioned it because the text was really small and considered it might have gone unnoticed if browsing on a small-screen device.

Most likely not, but I was trying to figure out if the OP had just clicked the trailer button on that movie or had they did a long press and selected a different than default trailer.

Yup and for me anything under my 27" iMac is a small screen. LOL

Thank goodness for cataract surgery, at least now I can see a 14" screen pretty well. The iPhone is still iffy sometimes though. :eyeglasses:

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This appears to be an issue with this specific trailer.

It has been reported, and will hopefully be fixed soon.

If this ever happens in the future, you can long-press on the Trailers button to access other trailers.

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Try the mostly likely scenario first. If I don’t specify, it’s probably not an edge case.

In this case, there is no trailer at all, even if I long press.

Nikita TV S01

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