Bug Reporting

If you're seeing strange behavior when using aTV Flash (black) you may have found a bug. We hate bugs, and want to fix as many as we can get our hands on.

By following the steps below you can tell us about the issue you saw and we'll promise to do our best to track down and fix it.

  1. Submit a diagnostic report on the Apple TV through the Maintenance --> Settings menu.
  2. Open a support ticket and include the following information.
    • A short description of the behavior you are seeing 
    • Which tool was used to jailbreak the Apple TV?
    • Are you using a wired or wireless network?
    • Your Apple TV's serial number (found in the Settings --> General --> About menu)
    • If you're having trouble playing a specific media file, the more information you can provide about the file the better (if possible, run the file through MediaInfo http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en and send us the specs - an actual sample of the file would also be helpful)

Note: Your serial number is used only to locate your diagnostic report, as diagnostic reports themselves do not contain any personal information.