Bug Reporting - what data is sent and where can i find it on my atv2?


the topic says it.

i’d like to send some bug reports, but have a look to them myself.

so where can i find those bug reports on my atv2, jailbroken with your fine software seas0npass.


Diagnostic reports are simply an aggregation of log files (crash log, syslog, etc…) that are bundled up and sent into us.

These bundles aren’t saved on the AppleTV, but you can download the logs themselves using SFTP.

Thank you. Obviously you collect those files which are then aggregated and then sent to you.

Would you please so kind and tell, WHAT files/logs you collect?

(That was my actual question. I’m sorry, if i was unclear.)


A good place to start would be to look at: /var/root/log/syslog

Ok, so you receive the whole syslog of my atv2 for diagnostic purpurses.


Is there any other file you collect, or any other info you gather?


There are other logs also included in the reports, but they won’t be much use to the average user.

Personal data such as email addresses, passwords, etc… are not included when sending diagnostic reports.

Hi James,

i’m not concerned of my privacy, but i’d like to know what log files you/firecore are receiving if the user presses the bug-report button.

i understand that my private data is not of any interest for firecore developers and i’d like to help by sending bug reports, but i’d also have the process more transparent for the user (me!)


knowing what is sent, maybe reviewing the report before sending it, gives the user trust in a company. that is what apple does, btw. having a communication-ping-pong asking the same question over and over again and not getting any clear answer does not create a field of trust. thats because the company tries to hide information. (usual assumption nowadays…)

so can you please tell us more about that bug-report process and what other information is send, if i press the bug-report button?


on the other hand, if you are not allowed to give any information, just say so. then we know it.



Attached is a file listing from a typical report.

Thanks James, i really appreciate it.